• BO-P in China

    High production, gentle opening for smaller tufts and better blending, space savings and low maintenance: These are only some of the reasons why Chinese customers widely appreciate the new Truetzschler Bale Opener BO-P. While sales [...]

  • UL508A panel shop – consulting and contract manufacturing for the North American market

    Designing and building customized industrial control panels for (y)our US or Canadian customers can be very confusing once all the national regulations such as OSHA, NEC, NFPA79, CSA22.2, and UL508A are taken into consideration. American [...]

  • A True Success Story – Truetzschler Card Clothing in Pakistan

    Pakistan ranks among the top producers and consumers of staple fibers in the world and has been a major market for Truetzschler since the last century. Truetzschler provides card clothings to over 150 spinning mills [...]

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