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T-SUPREMA: Live Demonstration of versatility

Looking for extremely versatile nonwovens for many applications? Then our T-SUPREMA needle-punching lines are for you.
At Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany in April, the Trützschler Nonwovens team demonstrated the performance of T-SUPREMA live at customer events. Customers were impressed by the flexibility of the needle-punching line.

Techtextil is the world’s leading trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. At this year’s event in Frankfurt, Germany, Trützschler Nonwovens presented its T-SUPREMA production concept for manufacturing different types of nonwovens on a single line – with high levels of quality, productivity and cost-efficiency. Those insights generated a huge amount of interest. And representatives from several companies got invited to see an up-and-running installation at our Technology Center in nearby Egelsbach.

Customer Event at our Technology Center: T-SUPREMA attracts attention.

The T-SUPREMA is an exciting innovation for this market because it offers unique levels of flexibility. It can produce lightweight and heavyweight nonwovens, from 30 grams per square meter (gsm) up to more than 2,000 gsm, on one production line. It also features a clean concept that minimizes downtime for cleaning or maintenance. And it is especially well-suited for producing lightweight needle-punched nonwovens, which enables cost-efficient products from this challenging application.

With our T-SUPREMA, we offer our customers great flexibility. They can react quickly to changes in demand or develop new products that are outside of what has been produced before. As part of our longstanding commitment to co-innovation, Trützschler joined together with Texnology to develop the T-SUPREMA. This Italian machinery manufacturer has deep specialization in mechanical needling. Its state-of-the-art needleloom designs play a key role in enabling the T-SUPREMA to serve such an extensive range of nonwoven applications.

Charlotte Fontaine, Member of the Shareholders’ Committee of the Trützschler Group, welcomed the visitors to the Trützschler Nonwovens Customer and Technology Center in Egelsbach.

Excitement in Egelsbach

Visitors to the Trützschler Nonwovens Customer and Technology Center in Egelsbach got the chance to experience the super-flexible T-SUPREMA line in action. The industrial-scale setup has a working width of 4 meters. It also features three bale openers, a blending bin, a fine-opener, a card with 3-meter width and crosslapper, two needlelooms, a felt drafter and a winding section.

What is so special about the T-SUPREMA? Unlike other needle-punching installations, the T-SUPREMA is not optimized for one end product only: with a changeover time of about 60 minutes, customers were able to see how the same line first produced an extremely light 35 gsm nonwoven with three double layers after the crosslapper, in which a microfiber was used. Later, after the short changeover time, the line produced a 1,400 gsm nonwoven with 23 double layers after the crosslapper, using the typical coarse fibers with 3.3 and 6.7 dtex. This production process was underlined by an impressive light show.

From lightweight to blue heavyweight web – T-SUPREMA can produce them all.

Test the T-SUPREMA today

Tests and trials with this high-performance needle-punching line have already impressed companies from across the global nonwovens industry. The production speed, ease of use and broad working window have captured hearts and minds. And the overall output quality of the uniquely broad range of products has also grabbed the attention of visitors to Egelsbach – with more trials planned: More and more companies are booking tests at our Technology Center. From lightweight to heavyweight nonwovens, the T-SUPREMA can produce them all. But convince yourself: Book your trial today!

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