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Thami Berrada

Trützschler Card Clothing: A pioneering partnership for sustainable success in Egypt

Sharabati Denim is one of the major leading manufacturers of eco-friendly denim in Egypt, Syria and Turkey. In 2018, the company launched the state-of-the-art recycling initiative  “Tadweer” that uses recycled material and sustainable production processes for closing the loop. Trützschler Card Clothing (TCC) is delighted to join this innovative concept with its experts and equipment.

The story of Sharabati Denim began more than 40 years ago, when the company was founded by Mr. Mohamad Sharabati. The company’s primary focus is to be a reliable partner to fashion brands and producers by providing a diverse portfolio of denim products that are stylish, durable and sustainable. To achieve this, Sharabati Denim uses its deep technical expertise related to spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, as well as recycling processes. And the company also looks for partners who share its strong commitment to environmental protection.

Cooperating for more sustainable practices

TCC is one of those pioneering partners. Sharabati Denim has invested in a Trützschler TC 19i  carding machine to support its sustainability initiative Tadweer. It is part of a broader sustainability strategy that goes far beyond recycling. This approach aims to maximize the value of materials, conserve natural resources and cut waste. Sharabati is now using energy-efficient lighting for its factories, as well as solar panels and an integrated water recycling approach. And the TC 19i is also an important contributor to its pioneering sustainable practices.

“The Trützschler TC 19i allows Sharabati Denim to transform waste into hiqh-quality yarns,” says Mr. Jameel Zarka, Managing Director of Sharabati Denim. “By cooperating closely with TCC and its local agent in Egypt, Tex Trading and Services, we are able to make our products and processes better every day. We constantly share best practice and discuss innovative ideas together. As a result, Trützschler has enabled us to increase productivity and flexibility – and sustainability too. With the SUPERTIP wire, we can use recycled material to create fibers with the best levels of homogeneity and strength, while giving gentle but effective treatment of short fibers.”

Specially designed to optimize recycling

The successful partnership with Sharabati Denim is the latest example of how Trützschler Card Clothing is enabling companies in the spinning industry to reduce their environmental footprint – while also achieving benchmark levels for quality when using pre- and post-consumer fibers and blends.

Trützschler has developed a range of solutions for recycling. This includes fixed carding segments with an aligned profile geometry in connection with the chut feed of the card, which supports an optimum opening and cleaning of tufts from secondary fibers. Special conceptions of flats and special geometries of cylinder wires also ensure the best possible removal of neps. This guarantees a smooth treatment of the individual fibers that come from different sources and categories of waste, and makes it possible to produce sliver with excellent homogeneity.

In addition, the increased stability of the teeth and the quality of SUPERTIP lead to significantly prolonged utilization times of the clothing, especially for challenging applications involving recycling. The profile geometry of the cylinder wire is specifically designed for processed fibers, and ensures optimal running and less cleaning of the cylinder surface.

More than recycling

The success of Sharabati Denim reaches back more than four decades into the past. However, the company is also committed to participating in the transition to a sustainable present and future too. Its ambitious sustainability strategy is actively minimizing its impact on the environment. And by working together with experts and equipment from Trützschler, Sharabati Denim is further maximizing the quality of recycled denim and textile products.


Cover picture source: https://www.sharabati-denim.com/.

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