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Trützschler worldwide: Trützschler in Turkey

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Turkey has always been one of the most important textile markets for Trützschler. Thanks to our fast and responsive local service team, we are now working more closely than ever with our customers in the Turkish market to provide them with the best possible spinning preparation solutions.

We are delighted that two highly regarded companies from the city of Kahramanmaraş have spoken about their successful collaboration with Trützschler in our latest location video:

Mehmet Hanefi Öksüz, Chairman of the Board Kipaş, says Trützschler has gained its position as a global leader due to the “continuous renewal and development of its technologies.” Kipaş, established in 1984, is one of  Turkey’s largest manufacturers of yarn an fabric.

Ali Ardiç, General Manager Kipaş, Kahramanmaraş, describes what is most important for Kipaş when entering into a collaboration:

“When purchasing a new technology, we first look at the reliability of the company supplying this technology compared to its competitors. Then we look at the advantages in production capacity, energy, and labor costs. Most importantly, we make sure the company can work with us in terms of technology and service.”

This positive sentiment is shared by Iskur, another customer in this location. Founded in 1990, Iskur is one of the leading ring yarn manufacturers in the Turkish textile industry. Hakan Karagöl, General Manager Iskur, Kahramanmaraş, states that Trützschler “can find faster and more applicable solutions to the problems and shortcomings of yarn manufacturers through R&D studies – both in Germany and in our country – by conducting field studies, especially with companies like us that are open to development.”

He sees the TC 19i as a particularly good example of Trützschler’s ability to integrate the latest technologies and scientific developments into its machines. “In terms of production, output per unit time and energy consumption, the TC 19i is the primary reason for our preference – because online data is continuously streamed to our system in a renewable way,” he says.

Kadir Kurtul, Chairman Iskur, adds that they are very pleased about the combination of IDF 2 with TC 19i. “We are very satisfied with both quality and production”, he states.

Watch the full video above for more insights and impressions.

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