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Trützschler worldwide: Trützschler Brazil

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In our new location video Rene Werner, Managing Director Trützschler Brazil, talks about our subsidiary in Curitiba:

“In Brazil, Trützschler offers the very latest products from Germany, local service technicians, a large spare parts warehouse as well as the possibility of local financing which means that the customers does not take any exchange rate risk. This combination has always proven itself in recent years. Our customers appreciate the fact that we manufacture locally and that we have a physical presence here. This allows us to always respond very quickly to requests.”

Marco Zanon, Customer Support Trützschler Brazil, agrees with that:

“Besides the quality of our service which has been enhanced all over the time, the speed of our work is remarkable and attracts the attention of our customers: Usually, we can carry out repairs in 24 hours after the quotation price is approved. Further, we are always up to date with the German content and expertise.”

With regard to on-site customer relations, Werner states:

“Our customer Döhler, which is a family company like Trützschler, was the first one to visit us in Curitiba. At that time, visitors had to walk through the mud beause the outside areas were not even paved. We have a very good relationship with the owners.”

Trützschler is happy that Döhler treasures these qualities. José Mário Gomes Ribeiro, CEO Döhler, explains that they have now built a new spinning mill with Trützschler machines and that he appreciates the good relationship between the two companies – “not only as business partners, but also as friends.”


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