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Rajesh Padalkar

Son makes his childhood dream come true with Truetzschler machines

Sangam is a small village about 320 kilometres south of Mumbai. In the early 80’s, a young boy saw his parents working in the nearby cotton fields – day in, day out. As he grew up, he carried this picture in his head and set himself the goal of shaping his future in the textile sector.

Working towards a goal

But because he didn’t have any technical experience or knowledge, the young man decided to start a small pumps agency at first. However, the cotton fields always remained in his mind. By sheer hard work and support by his father the young man decided to set up his own mill. Luckily, he met professor Chandrakant Patil, who later became his mentor and guide. Prof. Patil taught him the basics of textiles and took him to visit many mills in India. Today, the young boy is the Chief Managing Director of one of the most modern textile mills in India – Dhanasmruti Textile Mills. Equipped with Truetzschler blow-room line, 12 TC 10 cards, 3 TD 7 draw-frames, 1 TD9T draw frame, 1 TSL 12 sliver lap, 5 TCO 12 combers and 5 TD 8 draw-frames, this 25,000 spindles project was recently fully commissioned.

Truetzschler – no question!

During the planning phase the founder Sanjay Tate-Deshmukh discovered that the existing mills having Truetzschler preparatory and KTTM ring-frames had better yarn quality records than mills with machines from a single manufacturer. Along with Prof. Patil, he also found out that almost all major spinning mills in India who had their own retail labels, had Truetzschler machines in their mills. After these findings it was no longer a question to choose the latest Truetzschler machines in their mills.

The technical staff in front of Truetzschler Cards TC 10.

A wise choice

Without a doubt, Mr. Sanjay’s mother confirms: “If these machines are responsible for my son’s success, then they definitely must be good.” Mr. Balasaheb Koratkar, who is responsible for the day to day production and maintenance as Deputy GM, is also impressed by the Truetzschler machines. He is happy that they were able to attain 5% Uster yarn quality norms with minimum noil levels in a very short time. As a result, Dhanasmruti Mills has started to carve a name as a quality yarn supplier in India. He also said: “Even though it’s early days, we are happy about the fact Truetzschler machines are very easy to maintain and are running smoothly since their commissioning – especially the TCO 12 combers are better than the combers of other leading suppliers.”

Mr. Sanjay’s parents: Narayanrao Tate-Deshmukh and Shamal Tate-Deshmukh

Happy end

“My mother had a dream that one day we, the sons of the farmers, would create big names for ourselves in the cotton industry. Keeping this in mind we have a vision to be the best quality fabric provider to the world by the year 2023.”, says Mr. Sanjay. He was upbeat in informing that they would proudly repeat choosing Truetzschler machines in the next 25,000 spindle project.

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