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IDF 3: The shortest path to perfect quality

Usually, it’s not possible to get everything you want. But with the new integrated draw frame     IDF 3, you really can. It offers a range of innovative features that give customers even better quality, efficiency and handling – as well as accelerated can change times and improved productivity.

The Integrated Draw Frame (IDF) has developed remarkably in recent years. Although there were some doubts when the IDF first hit the market twenty years ago, it has now demonstrated its positive impact on short spinning processes. “As a result, the IDF is a key part of our product range today. Two generations of this machine have already delivered valuable performance improvements for our spinning customers worldwide. And our innovators have now successfully created the third generation: The new integrated draw frame      IDF 3”, says Jörg Schmitz, Senior Expert R&D Spinning Preparation.

Jörg Schmitz, Senior Expert R&D Spinning Preparation at Trützschler Spinning.

Proven to deliver excellent quality

Trützschler’s technical experts decided it was time to give the IDF a turbo boost by adding components and features from other areas of our draw frame portfolio, including our popular autoleveller draw frame TD 10. First, the team adapted the precise, robust measuring devices DISC LEVELLER and DISC MONITOR to fit the specifications of card and IDF 3. The resulting IDF DL and IDF DM interact perfectly with the existing 1-zone drafting system, which results in more homogeneous slivers and higher yarn quality. Switching to the IDF DL and IDF DM system instead of the previous measuring funnel adds more benefits than advanced detection of sliver deviations. The new system also works entirely without compressed air, which reduces operating costs.

In addition, the IDF 3 make-over includes a complete redesign of the drafting zone in line with all Trützschler drafting systems. This further stabilizes the drafting process and significantly improves the yarn imperfection total IPI for recycled fibers and raw cotton, while also blending with synthetics. Yarn strength and elongation are also improved.

Can changer becomes a game changer

Improving the IDF is only possible if innovators also look at the card and can changer, because there is huge potential if the interaction between the three elements are optimally balanced. This is particularly true for the DIRECT SPINNING process, with its small can sizes. Each time a full can is replaced by an empty can, the delivery speed of the card and IDF needs to be drastically reduced – and this slows down the production process. Every second that can be saved from this can change process adds to the overall productivity. In this context, our teams have optimized the can changer to save our customers valuable time. The delivery speed of the IDF 3 stays at the high level of 300 m/min during can changes, which increases efficiency by 3 %.

Speed stays at the high level of 300 m/min – resulting in 4 times faster delivery speed during can change.

Easy operation, great performance and high quality

It’s essential that machines are easy to operate and offer good accessibility in order to enable accurate machine settings and effective maintenance. For this reason, the IDF 3 is designed to open directly towards the operator. This makes it easy to reach all of the adjustment points within the working area.

Thanks to our QUICK START autopiecing function, operators do not need to open the drafting unit. Instead, they simply insert the sliver end into the IDF DL, which saves up to 60 seconds during each piecing event. Depending on the number of piecing processes performed, this saved time quickly adds up to a significant increase in productivity. Trützschler’s technicians have also improved the pressure adjustment on the IDF 3 by adding an easy-to-reach digital pressure manometer. This makes it possible to precisely set the pressure and directly monitor limits on the drafting system via the display screen. The IDF 3 can also be configured with the exclusive Trützschler features T-LED, SMART TOUCH and RFID to further enhance handling.

Our third generation of IDF proves that you really can have it all. Customers benefit from better quality, higher efficiency and easier handling.

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