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Sustainability is a key topic in issue 77 of our magazine – in terms of technology and social responsibility. You can read about a successful recycling project that Trützschler Spinning has conducted in cooperation with the Portuguese company Valérius 360. There’s also a report on the one-year anniversary of our Trützschler Foundation, including a summary of some of its biggest milestones so far.

The magazine features fresh insights into how Trützschler Nonwovens is joining forces with the Italian company Texnology to re-enter the needling market. As a highlight in this article, we present the customized production lines for this market segment that will be offered under the name T-SUPREMA in the future.

We’re also happy to share some impressions from trade fairs around the globe that we participated in during 2022. It was fantastic to finally meet up for in-person discussions about smart and sustainable innovations again this year, and the images reveal exactly how much we enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk about the future of textiles with partners from across this industry.

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