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Kleo Knippertz

A year full of milestones for the Trützschler Foundation

The Trützschler Foundation was established in 2021 by members of the fourth and fifth Trützschler generation. It supports children and young people in the areas of sports, education and science. On its one-year anniversary, the Foundation looks back on its biggest achievements from the last 12 months.

“We established this Foundation because of our deep commitment to supporting young people on their path to a great future,” says Caroline Lange, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Trützschler Foundation. “We are proud that we have already won many partners and successfully supported various projects within our first year.”

Focus on local education and sports projects
The Foundation’s goal is to support local educational and sports projects around Mönchengladbach. The first project was the construction of a 150-square-meter children’s playground at the Odenkirchen 05/07 sports club. Caroline Lange launched this construction project at a special groundbreaking ceremony – an important step forward in the sports association’s ambition to offer even more family-friendly facilities. In addition to the funding for this playground, the sports club is looking forward to further financial support from the Trützschler Foundation over the next five years.

In spring 2022, Caroline Lange, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Trützschler Foundation, opened the new children’s playground at the Odenkirchen 05/07 sports club.

During its first year of operation, the Trützschler Foundation has also established itself as a partner for several educational projects. For example, it is now a sponsor of the “Azubis an Schulen” initiative from the non-profit organization Rockid.One. This initiative provides teachers with support related to media literacy, digitalization and sustainability. Young trainees deliver weekly “media lessons” that use playful methods to teach the school-age children digital skills such as word processing or recognizing fake news. The Trützschler Foundation supports the acquisition of special learning robots and teaching materials – also as part of the “TuWaS Rheinland!” initiative. This initiative is implemented by the Cologne, Bonn/Rhein-Sieg and Mittlerer Niederrhein Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Its goal is to promote the interests of children in grades 1 to 6 in a playful and sustainable way, with a clear focus on the MINT subjects (Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences, Technology). The Trützschler Foundation is supporting this project at several schools in Mönchengladbach, including the Franz Meyers School in Giesenkirchen.

The „Azubis an Schulen“ project uses playful methods to teach the school-age children digital skills.

“TuWas! Rheinland” focuses on explorative learning to promote the interest of children in grades 1 to 6 in science and technology. Copyright: TuWaS! Rheinland/M. Claushallmann.

Many more projects in the pipeline

For the year ahead, the Trützschler Foundation has more exciting projects in the pipeline. “Seeing the change in the lives of children and young people confirms the positive impact we make with our commitment,” says Caroline Lange. “We are looking forward to further successes in the future.”

For more information about the Foundation visit: Trützschler Foundation – Trützschler (truetzschler-foundation.de)

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