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Trützschler worldwide: Trützschler in India

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Welcome to Trützschler India: In our latest location video, Managing Director Joseph Thomson and Vice President Kashyap Bhavsar give insights into our subsidiary in Ahmedabad. They talk about the factory, which was founded in 1977, and also share perspectives about our technological innovations – and Trützschler India’s core competencies and corporate citizenship activities.

“In 1981, we started manufacturing blow room machines. Some of those first blow room machines are still running in the Indian market, and the customers are very happy with them. As demand for cards started growing, we began manufacturing the one-meter card. Today, we produce the one-meter card and wider cards, as well as draw frames, combers and lap formers. Trützschler also manufactures a wide range of card clothing products in India,” says Mr. Thomson.

After reflecting on the site’s portfolio development, Mr. Thomson adds important details about the factory itself. “Trützschler India has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, and some of the world’s best technologies are used inside the factory. It is also certified in line with the energy management system ISO 50001 2018.”

Trützschler India has also been strongly committed to social engagement and corporate citizenship activities for years, for example by setting up its own Trützschler Training Academy in November 2017. Since then, external students who are interested in developing their skills have had the opportunity to complete an additional one-year industrial training at the site in Ahmedabad. “The Academy offers three courses: CNC machine operation, welding and fitting,” says Mr. Bhavsar. “It aims to provide students with advanced industrial training as well as employability and life kills such as strategies for learning and quality management.”

Watch the video above to get the full story about our Indian site.

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