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Kleo Knippertz

Availabe now: New edition of it’s true magazine!

In the new edition of it’s true magazine, you can find the latest insights from every Trützschler business unit!

Trützschler Spinning presents its new state-of-the-art comber TCO 21. You can also learn about how Trützschler Man-Made Fibers has introduced the first 4-end tricolor system for carpet yarns, and you can read a recent success story from Trützschler Card Clothing in India.

Sustainability is another big focus topic: This issue of the magazine features the intelligent TC 19i, as well as the successfully launched pre-cleaner CL-X. Both of these innovations contribute to a more energy-efficient spinning mill. In addition, Trützschler Nonwovens presents solutions for processing biodegradable webs from renewable raw materials.

Last but not least: Don’t miss all of the information about Trützschler’s global corporate citizenship activities – including the Trützschler Foundation, which we established this year!


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