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Jutta Stehr

Towards sustainable nonwovens: Trützschler at INDEX 2021

At this year’s INDEX from October 19th to October 22nd,  Trützschler Nonwovens, Trützschler Card Clothing and Voith introduce new solutions for manufacturing a broad range of sustainable nonwovens for wipes, hygiene or medical textiles at booth 2327.

Plastic-free initiatives worldwide affect everyone: consumers, product developers, nonwoven producers and finally nonwoven machinery suppliers.

Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith address the quest for more sustainable and affordable nonwovens in the wipes segment by two proven technologies for manufacturing pulp-based nonwovens: Firstly, WLS (wet-laid/spunlaced) lines. More than a handful are in service worldwide and mainly target the flushable wipes market. At INDEX we’ll introduce our latest next level/WLS baby and body wipes, a joint development by Voith and Trützschler.

The second focus is on carded/pulp (CP) products. A CP line – including a TWF-NCT card placed between the HydroFormer and the AquaJet – is already running to full capacity at customer site. Various CP materials, including our next level CP wipes, will be on display at the booth and invite visitors to discuss characteristics, benefits, line concepts and equipment.

The first CP line worldwide.

Nonwovens from a CP line.

When talking sustainable nonwovens, solutions for efficiently manufacturing biodegradable nonwovens from virgin cotton fibers, comber noils and viscose/lyocell fibers must not be missing. Visitors can look forward to directly comparing cotton nonwovens to a broad range of cellulose-based material.

Trützschler Card Clothing, our in-house competence center with respect to card clothings and comprehensive service, presents its latest development, the Z wire for high-speed roller cards. A new geometry minimizes fiber fly and allows for better carding and more stable web forming.

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