• Dr. Holger Thelen vaccinates Catrin Scheufen (Photo: Detlef Ilgner)
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Trützschler’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign is in full swing

For more than one year, we have made it our mission to protect our employees against the Corona virus, and at the same time to continuously provide the best possible service to our customers. COVID-19  vaccinations are the most effective tool to end the pandemic situation. After the majority of Trützschler employees at our production sites worldwide (China, India, Brazil and USA) has already been vaccinated, we now successfully started company vaccinations at our headquarter in Mönchengladbach.

“Around 750 out of 3000 employees are working here. We have already carried out 178 vaccinations, which means improved protection for 28 percent of the workforce. Our goal is to give 80 percent of our employees vaccination protection. This should succeed with weekly vaccinations until the end of July,” says Christoph Poos, Head of Human Resources.

The Trützschler showroom, where customers were invited to before Corona, was converted into a vaccination center. After the employees received their injection, they had to spend 15 minutes under observation – with a good ventilation, enough distance to each other and wearing masks – to see if any side effects occured.

Trützschler showroom (photo: Detlef Ilgner)

Employees are very pleased about the campaign

“I’m totally happy,” explains 34-years old Catrin Scheufen.  She has received the vaccine from Johnson and Johnson of which a single vaccination is sufficient for improved protection against infection with the Sars Cov-2 virus. “All I had to do was register by mail in the booking system – a few minutes later, I had an appointment.”, explains Scheufen.

Her colleague Farida Venzke has also been vaccinated. The 50-year-old is grateful that Trützschler made it possible for her, as she fell out of previous priority groups: “I really didn’t expect it to work out so quickly.” Her colleague Sven Muñoz is also pleased to now be better protected from a severe corona course: “This is a relief. I no longer have to get tested later if I want to go to the gym or visit my aunt in the nursing home. It’s some kind of security for me and others.”

All in all, the traditional and family-owned company Trützschler takes an important path with its company vaccinations and enables its employees to take big steps towards normality.


All photos provided by: Detlef Ilgner

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