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Yu Zhenzhen

BO-P in China

High production, gentle opening for smaller tufts and better blending, space savings and low maintenance: These are only some of the reasons why Chinese customers widely appreciate the new Truetzschler Bale Opener BO-P. While sales figures continue to rise, numerous customer installations have been successfully put into operation.

Lanxishi Huamian Textile Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer for open end yarn in China, producing 80 tons/day.  The company also invested in a rotor spinning factory in Vietnam with a 30 tons/day production. It is the first Chinese customer equipped with a BO-P featuring a 2.9 m working width and 45 m length.

“We have cooperated with Truetzschler Shanghai for ten years. The continuously good product performance, professional staff and the reliable after-sales service gave us the confidence to be the first BO-P user in China. As we expected, the result is as good as Truetzschler promised”, says Mr. Wu, owner of Huamian Textile Group. “We will be happy to be the first user in China for further new equipment from Truetzschler.”

BO-P is installed at Hunan Huayi and must be modified in the blowroom line; the path is next to the wall.

With working widths of 2,900 mm or 3,500 mm, the portal bale opener not only allows high productions of up to 2,500kg/h or 3,000kg/h, but also flexible bale placement. Thanks to the portal design, the machine can be positioned close to the wall with  free access to the bale lay-down area.

“It is one of the most important arguments for customers who want to modify the old facility with limited space”, explains Chinese Spinning Sales Manager Mr. Chen Jie. “We have one customer in Hunan Province who has four disk pluckers. Due to his production limitations,  the customer has to arrange two to three shifts for raw material filling in one day, which is a big headache. After seeing our BO-P at Shanghaitex, this customer decided to purchase one on site. About half a year later, the customer is happy about the fast delivery and that his problems are solved.”

In addition to the larger working width for more bales, the two opening rollers have also been redesigned. With an increased tooth density and the intelligent bale pressure measuring system, the new BO-P is able to produce smaller tufts than competitors. Smaller tufts allow for better blending and a more efficient removal of dirt and dust particles in downstream blowroom processes. As a result, less valuable good fibers are wasted.

The Wujiang region in China is one of the largest textile clusters for vortex spinning and weaving. By the end of May we had sold BO-P machines to this area. Mr. Yethe, plant manager of  Suzhou Xingjingze Fiber Science & Technology Co., Ltd., says: “We are satisfied with the high production and high efficiency of BO-P. Due to fewer motors and wear parts, BO-P saves us a lot  of maintenance cost and work”.

Working BO-P in a Wujiang mill.

The new portal design also offers many installation conveniences: “Due to the simple construction design, installation takes only half as long compared to BO-A”, says one of the responsible engineers of Truetzschler Shanghai. “In addition, it is very easy to operate and much safer due to the safety system mounted on the sides of the machine.” We are very happy about the introduction of the intelligent and smart Portal Bale Opener BO-P in China, which helps our customer to achieve high production and better quality at the beginning of their spinning process.

BO-P advantages at a glance:

  •  > 25 % increase in production
  • 50  % less installation time
  • Smallest tufts for better blending and cleaning efficiency in subsequent blowroom processes
  • Up to three blends
  • Almost no maintenance, no lubrication
  • Low air consumption
  • Operator friendly safety system

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