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Card Clothing

A True Success Story – Truetzschler Card Clothing in Pakistan

Pakistan ranks among the top producers and consumers of staple fibers in the world and has been a major market for Truetzschler since the last century. Truetzschler provides card clothings to over 150 spinning mills and has a growth rate in the double-digit percentage range. This effect is supported by the successful sale of Truetzschler high performance cards in this market. But it was above all the personal relationships that led to a success story. Decisive was the year 2002, when Machpart became the exclusive representative of Truetzschler Card Clothing (TCC).

The story of Machpart

Machpart was established in 1960 by Mr. Qutub Ud Din. In 1980 the brothers Mr. Muhammad Tariq, Mr. Muhammad Tahir, Mr. Adbul Khaliq and Mr. Abdul Maliq joined the company as the second generation of the family and now serve as CEOs. The family business with head office in Lahore began by manufacturing engineering parts for the textile industry and expanded its portfolio in 1990 by importing premium compo-nents from Murata and Crosrol UK.

Machpart & TCC
Today, Machpart, whose name consists of the first letters of
“Machinery” and “Parts”, is the leading sales and service company for the import of Truetzschler card clothing. The services offered include cylinder mounting, doffer mounting, top set clipping and grinding, maintenance service for spinning mills as well as consulting services to improve quality levels in the mill. Over the years, sales and service offices have been established in Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan and Islamabad, providing comprehensive customer support and after sales service throughout the country.
30 of the 100 employees of the Machpart organisation are dedicated to the Truetzschler card clothing business, including service engineers, office staff, and sales and marketing employ-ees. The successful partnership and development over the last decades has been met with very positive feedback from TCC customers.
With the entry of the third generation in 2016, the Machpart family business is preserved and will continue to be a reliable, future-oriented partner for premium sales and service for TCC.

Machpart Customer Opinions

Mr. Ayoub Shah, Technical Director of Mahmood Group, Multan:

„We have around 300,000 installed spindles and produce yarn of very good quality, mainly for export to different parts of the world and for our own weaving mills. The main requirement of our customers is to always have the highest quality of cotton and blended yarn. To achieve this, we have to use the best quality of card clothings. We have been associated with Truetzschler Card Clothing (TCC) through Machpart for 15 years. TCC has helped us to meet the core requirements of our customers, i.e. the highest quality of cotton and blended yarn. With TCC it is not only about carding quality, but also about the promised service we receive from Machpart to support us in any unfavorable situation, which in turn improves the smooth running and efficiency of our lines. We highly appreciate, that TCC has such a good marketing and service team in Pakistan.“


Arif Munsif, General Manager Nishat Group, Lahore:

„As the leader of Pakistan‘s textile frontier, the Nishat Group  has a reputation for maintaining the highest quality products.  We can keep this promise to our customer with the help
of Truetzschler Card Clothing when it comes to the yarn product line.
With the timely and quick support from Machpart, we can produce the highest quality around the clock. TCC has not only helped us to produce quality output, but the name “Truetzschler Card Clothing” has also helped us to gain trust in a highly competitive market.”




With the entry of the third generation in 2016, the Machpart family business is preserved and will remain a reliable, future-oriented partner for premium sales and service for TCC. „With Machpart we have a strong and trusted partner in a challenging market environment. Over all these years, they have been able to adapt to new business situations while keeping up the core Truetzschler values with regard to quality, service and commitment to our customers and partners”, emphasizes Mr. Pietro Cusenza, Area Sales Manager at Truetzschler Card Clothing.

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