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Markus Mosebach

My Mill – The all-in-one platform for mill management

Whether information about production, quality, maintenance or simply a complete overview – with My Mill, mill managers can fulfil any individual information need. Mill managers can now make informed, data-based decisions and generate quick wins as of day one.

Especially in times with COVID-19 it is essential to focus on the bottlenecks, stay operational and thus profitable. My Mill enables spinning mills to generate profits faster, bundle resources, optimize processes and save costs.

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What if the investment in digitizing a spinning mill pays off in no time?

The current crisis forced many companies to push their digital transformation. What kept companies from digitalizing earlier could be the fear that new tools will have a negative impact on the already established processes. With My Mill, Truetzschler put a special focus on quick wins. Not all spinning mills feature a fully equipped IT department with full-time employees. The goal is to guide customers to their focus areas intuitively and provide analyses for production, quality and maintenance that they can extend individually at any time.

Overview of the entire installation.

Big data

An easy-to-understand data preparation makes it possible to discover optimization potentials immediately and to plan resources sensibly. Fault statistics, shift data and quality comparisons provide a solid entry point to focus on production bottlenecks and quality limiters. Notifications will appear, when attention is required, e.g. when a machine leaves its limits.

Faster detection and elimination of malfunctions for consistently high quality.

My Production – the ideal My Mill extension

The My Production app is the perfect companion for managers while on the road. They can find out about their current production with just a few touches on their smartphone – anytime and anywhere. My Production shows an overview of the complete installation right up to detailed information on machine level. Push notifications will inform users, if any action is required.

Talk to me

Spinning mills very often feature a heterogeneous machine and laboratory environment. Data acquired in one system might be required by another system. My Mill provides the possibility of an external interface, so users can utilize the data generated by Truetzschler machines as required in their mill. In addition, My Mill can also be used for data from other manufacturers.

Cloud-based solution

In terms of cyber security, Truetzschler’s digital offers are cloud-based and extremely secure. The applications rely exclusively on the highest security Standards.

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