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Truetzschler worldwide: Truetzschler Spinning, Moenchengladbach

The Truetzschler branch in Moenchengladbach serves as the headquarter of the worldwide Group. We talked to the management and the family members, to identify and highlight what makes us special.

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Dr. Dirk Burger:

“The employees of Truetzschler, whether in management or in production, are all part of a big family. This creates the feeling of certainty and loyalty and thus is the basis for our success. In my opinion, Truetzschler is successful because of these three pillars:

  • Innovation: To offer the best products and to be the technology leader
  • Continuity: To be available for our customers anytime and to offer the best possible service
  • Trust: To ensure the employees’ trust in the future of the company and thus create a good working atmosphere.

All of this makes us successful.”

Dr. Christof Soest:

“In the course of digital transformation, the topic of innovation includes new aspects that we are currently dealing with extensively. For example, we founded our own digital hub. All these topics will continue to be taken into account in the development and will be incorporated into products in combination with the technology. Trützschler develops innovative products with an extremely high level of quality that applies worldwide.”

Dr. Michael Schürenkrämer:

“The founder’s DNA can still be found in the company today. Above all, it stands for excellent training, good knowledge of the customer’s needs, a high degree of creativity & innovation, own manufacturing know-how and life in partnership. We prepared our company for the future strategic direction two years ago with a new generation contract introducing the 5th generation. An essential point is the combination of the professionalism of leadership with the characteristics of the family business in order to secure the long-term success and values of our company.”

Heinrich Trützschler:

“The wonderful thing about Trützschler is that all employees, the management and the family all pull together. We are one team! In the end, this is what makes the company successful. The aim is for the family to remain tangible, visible and perceptible for employees and customers in the future. We believe that this is essential. The interests of the company are always in the foreground for the family and we would like to continue the way we went along with our employees.”

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