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Truetzschler worldwide: Truetzschler de Mexico

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Frank Dederichs, who is managing Truetzschler Mexico for 12 years now, talks about the company in Latin America:

“We are a young, experienced team of 20 mainly local employees from Mexico, whose common goal is to give our customer the best possible service.
We are constantly in touch with the headquarters in Germany. Currently, there is a German technician on site to train our local employees. The aim is to ensure the same quality level worldwide.
The tasks of the Mexico branch range from machine sales to after-sales service. We have a storage of more than 150 wires, which can be used for different types of machines. Our customers appreciate our fast service. We can deliver a complete set of wires for every card type within 24 hours. 
As soon as a customer calls, we load the goods and send out our service car – into every corner of Mexico.
The fact that Truetzschler is a family business is noticeable worldwide. For example, my son is completing a dual training programme in engineering at our headquarters in Moenchengladbach. An employee working at Kaltex, one of our biggest customers, has his son working as an engineer at Truetzschler, Moenchengladbach. That’s how you really see and feel the family spirit all around the world.”

Our customer Kaltex treasures these qualities:
“The great advantage we see at Truetzschler is the service. If there are problems in the process, we simply call, and Truetzschler is always there for us to find the best and fastest solution. We have about 300 cards in operation from Model 7/15 to TC 11. After all these years of working with Truetzschler, we have gained great trust. The machines are impeccable and the service is extremely good. In 1980 they assembled our initial cards, which are still running and achieving good quality.”

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