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Laura Hartmann

A childhood dream – one night in a factory!

Exploring a “hidden champion”

Our company is a so-called “hidden champion”: People from the textile industry know that we are the world market leader in spinning preparation. But people from outside the textile business usually don’t know what’s behind the walls of our headquarter in Moenchengladbach. “Spinning machines? So you manufacture t-shirts and jeans?” No, we are working behind the scenes of the finished product, at the very beginning of the process chain.

Long Night of Industry at Truetzschler

It always takes a little time to explain “outsiders” the role of the machines we produce. A simple solution? The “Lange Nacht der Industrie”, translated “Long night of industry”. The event is intended to show how and what companies like us produce and why they are so successful. At the same time, interest in technology and innovative processes is raised, and with it perhaps even the desire to start an apprenticeship with us.

Rather than just receiving a verbal explanation, our guests had the chance to witness how we manufacture our machines. On top of a tour through our factory, they entered the showroom, where usually customers view and test our finished machines. In order to understand the individual processes well, the areas were explained by our employees on models and interactive displays. Visitors were able to trace the path of the raw material to the finished yarn.

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Save the date for 2020

This year, Truetzschler was one out of six companies in Moenchengladbach that opened its doors for visitors. Like every time, the much sought-after places were quickly booked. If you want to get the chance to visit next year, be sure to book in time and mark the 29th October 2020 in your calendar!

More information here: https://www.langenachtderindustrie.de

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