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Laura Hartmann

50 Years of Truetzschler’s first foreign subsidiary

It’s a big day. American Truetzschler is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Hooray!

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Let’s take a step back in time to learn how it all began…

While the order income in the U.S. was increasing more and more, the idea of finding a foreign subsidiary was growing, too. Being close to our customers and providing them with excellent support and service is one of this company’s most important values. That’s why Hans und Hermann Truetzschler decided to find American Truetzschler, Inc. (ATR), in 1969. The location of the new site was Charlotte, the centre of the textile industry in North and South Carolina. The beginnings were little, but the small service station quickly developed into a big company with large production facilities. Today, American Truetzschler can look back to a remarkable development within 50 years with milestones like the delivery of the 4000th card in 1999 or the first sale of a complete nonwovens line in 2007.


“This year we are celebrating 50 years of American Truetzschler. When I think about this, it’s all because of family. Any other company on this day and time, publicly traded, would not be here to celebrate 50 years – 4 generations of ownership. Very proud to be here.” Mark Smith, Plant Manager of ATR.

Truetzschler is a family business. There’s no denying it – even abroad. The “one-big-family-spirit” can be noticed everywhere: From the historical pictures on the wall to the stories told by the employees in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many of them have a deep connection to this company. While some of them transferred from the German headquarter to Charlotte, others represent the second or third family generation working for Truetzschler. This connection is undoubtedly one of the key factors of a German company gaining a footprint in the US industry.


“Truetzschler means family. Not only because of its history, but also because of how we work together as a team. Employees that have been working here for many years introduce new employees to our family – by telling them the success story of the past 50 years and integrating them in the future success of the next 50 years”, says Stefan Engel, CEO of American Truetzschler.




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