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Laura Hartmann

The first chapter

The new year lies ahead of us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. Today we are opening this book. Its pages are blank. But we promise you: We have a lot to tell!

Welcome to true stories, the company blog of Truetzschler!

At Truetzschler, stories are being written every day. On our new blog, we want to share those stories with you – true stories, that give you a glimpse behind the scenes, that let you get to know the people who stand behind our products and that answer the questions you have always wondered about. How does an idea become a product? What will the next innovation make possible for you? What is it like to work at Truetzschler?

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From our employees for you

true stories is written by our employees, who report about their experiences, share their know-how and give interesting insights. Our colleagues – regardless of department, working experience or location – are encouraged to blog from their point of view. That’s how the diversity within the Truetzschler Group is represented in the social media space as well.

Communication is not a one-way street

Not only do we encourage our employees to participate. We also want to invite you, our readers, to join the communication on this platform. While a website shows static content, our blog is dynamic and interactive. That is why we are looking for a dialogue with you. In the comment section, you can leave us feedback, answer questions or just express your thoughts. You are interested in a specific topic regarding our company? Just let us know!

An exciting year ahead

“This year is going to be an exciting one for all of us here at Truetzschler. From presenting new innovations at ITMA in Barcelona to celebrating 50 years of American Truetzschler and of course entering the world of social media. We look forward to all of these exciting opportunities and new paths in 2019 – and sharing them with you.” – Dr. Dirk Burger, CEO.

CEO Dr. Dirk Burger

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